Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another story in print (sort of)

Another one of my short stories has been published in an online journal. You can read it here. Just click on the photo of the woman holding the rooster and then you'll see my story under the fiction heading.

I'm happy that this story has found a home, and happy to have an additional publishing credit to my name, but I'd really like to see myself in print, on paper, in an actual, physical journal someday. Some day this year would be nice. I have three new finished stories that I've just begun to submit, so cross your fingers for me.


maggie's garden said...

First...congrats on the publish...and secondly...I read page 1 of the daydream and thought it was really good and then clicked page 2 thinking I was going to get more...wanted more...only to be directed to another author! Can't wait to see more! Loved what you've written so far. I'd like to see you in print as well. Crossing my fingers for you.

Hilarywho said...

Thanks! There is only the one page to my story. It intentionally ends kind of abruptly.