Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Street folk

Last week I went to see this art installation by Tyree Guyton in Detroit. He filled a block long city street with shoes as a commentary on homelessness. It's called "Street Folk."

"Street Folk" was installed on a block of abandoned Victorian era houses in the historic Brush Park neighborhood of the city.

Built for Detroit's elite, the homes in Brush Park were built between the 1850s and 1890s. Of the original 300 homes, about 150 remain. Many have been torn down, and many sit rotting, but there is a bit of a revival going on. Some of the houses have been restored, condos have been built in the neighborhood, and new residents are moving in.

I saw a few nicely restored houses while I was there wandering around, but didn't feel as comfortable photographing them as I did the ones that are empty. I'd gone just to see the art installation, but ended up being fascinated with the neighborhood. I'll have to go back some day soon when it's not as chilly and windy as the day I was there.

Here's a view of downtown from Brush Park:

The Detroit Tigers baseball park and the Lions football stadium can both be seen from this empty lot where a house once stood.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Photo show

Here's the flier for a photography show I'll be part of in May:

It's seems strange to be referred to on this poster by my last name - a name I got by way of my second ex-husband, and kept. I appropriated this name because I liked it and it seemed to suit me, but it's not really mine. My last name is something I use, but it doesn't really feel like me.

I've had four last names in my life, and none, but the first, have ever really belonged to me. And the first one wasn't mine for long. I am nameless. Which is one of the reasons why Hilary Who suits me so well.