Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Puzzle Solving

The writing work I'm doing these days is like working on a challenging puzzle.

A lot of the puzzle pieces have already been put into place, but they're not necessarily in the the right place.

I am discovering a lot of pieces that don't fit and taking them out, while I am simultaneously working hard to fit new pieces in with the structure that's been built.

And I'm doing all this without knowing what the completed puzzle looks like. I have to work from instinct - there is no photo on the box to guide me.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Half way there

I am now exactly half way through my MFA program in creative writing. If all goes well I will have graduated by this time next year. And won't that be a wonderful thing?!

I will be SO glad to be done with this little adventure. But in the meantime there's lots of work to do. I'll be pretty busy from now until about April 22, 2012. That's the date the final draft of my thesis is due. A little over 40 weeks from now. Enough time to gestate and birth a human baby. Which you'd think would be plenty of time, but doesn't seem like it to me.

So if I don't post much in the next year, that will be a good thing. I really shouldn't be blogging. Or Facebooking. Or Flickering. Damned distractions.

I should stop blogging completely, but I know I'll want to put up the occasional photo or movie review. Nothing much. Just enough to keep it going. Keep it alive.

For now here's some photos I took on campus recently.