Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Now What?

So.  I graduated.  The two years of my creative writing MFA program went by lickity-split & I now have a master's degree. But I'm having a hard time feeling as if I've accomplished something.  Getting the degree won't mean much to me if it doesn't lead to something.  And by something, of course, I mean actually seeing my words in print.

Not that that's the only reason I subjected myself to the rigors of the program and spent all the damn money.  I might have actually learned a thing or two in the process, and that's certainly worth... something.  I think I'm a better writer because of the program.  I met a lot of fabulous people.  And the MFA gives me a certain bit of credibility as a writer and a teacher.  It's all good.  But it's not over.  I'm not done.   Yet.