Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Year

A year has gone by since I last posted to this blog,   A YEAR.  How is that possible?   It's true that I have had a lot of other distractions, but it is also true (as cliche's tend to be)  that time goes by much faster as you age.  Time flies.  As they say.

For the last few years I have been diligent about keeping track of the events in my life in a little notebook.  I have been jotting down the dates of trips, gatherings, visits, illnesses, celebrations, milestones, etc...   So that when a whole year goes by in a flash at least I can look back and see where it went.

It's pretty darn handy.  I have recorded the last five years in this inexpensive little notebook, which I started keeping  when I became lax in keeping a journal.

In truth I was never much of a journalist.  I am more of a diarist. And I have discovered, since meeting my paternal siblings for the first time last year, that I come by this naturally.  Genetically.

It amused me to learn that two of my new-found siblings are life-long diarists and archivists.

In my diary I have recorded quite a few significant and notable events for 2015 so far:  I got married.  Had two wedding receptions.  Finished my book.  Traveled to Chicago, Kansas, California, and northern Michigan.  Found my ex-husband's birth parents.  Spent a lot of quality time with my grandchildren.  Suffered from nosebleeds, Vertigo, dirt in my eye, and a bout of bronchitis.  And, most recently, battled a pooping possum in my backyard.