Tuesday, April 21, 2009

BB hates berries

When I started this blog I promised myself that I wouldn't use it as a forum to rant, in spite of the fact that, or perhaps because of the fact that, there is so much I could rant about. But one of those rant-worthy topics I just can't hold back about any longer is my beloved's dislike of berries.

Yes, you read that correctly: BB does not like berries - the Earth's most delicious, most good-for-you food. She refuses to eat blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and has only recently begun to tolerate strawberries in small amounts. She also does not eat peaches, plums, or tomatoes. How crazy is that??

I could understand if she didn't like a few foods, like maybe broccoli or onion or lima beans. Everyone has two or three things they don't like (I don't care for cantaloupe, shrimp, or garlic,) but to eschew the whole of summer's sweet bounty? I just don't get that. It breaks my heart that she's missing out on the enjoyment of these most tasty and healthful delights. It also makes me sad that I can't share the enjoyment of these foods with her.

I assume she must have had some horrible childhood trauma that led to this dislike. What else could it possibly be?!

For dinner tonight I'm making a salad with spring greens, roasted chicken, Gorgonzola cheese, and.... strawberries. It sounds delicious to me, but I'm wondering what BB will think?


willow said...

What?! Not a single solitary berry? Okay, that's a little odd. It looks like you'll have to eat the whole entire plate of luscious strawberries. Darn.

Hermit on the Hill said...

Huh. She really is missing out! More for you!

But I think not liking garlic is just as weird. ;-)