Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hurray! Jill Sobule's new CD arrived in the mail from Amazon today. This is the first CD I've bought in a long time (rather than downloading from itunes,) but had to have this one because I LOVE Jill Sobule and because this CD is so unique. It was funded entirely by Jill's fans.

She raised $75,000 in donations in order to produce the CD, with perks awarded for levels of giving. For ten bucks you got a digital download, for $200 free admission to her concerts for a year, $500 got your name in a song, for $2,500 you got to be listed as an executive producer, and for $10,000 one woman got to sing on the album.

I'm listening to the CD as I write this and it's such a treat - as always. I love Jill's funny, observational story songs, and her heartbreaking honesty.

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Elizabeth said...

Must discover this artist.
Happy weekend to come.