Thursday, April 9, 2009

A tour of the island

It was so bright and "warm" today I just had to get out and take a walk in our neighborhood. I still needed a sweater, but it was nice to see blue skies and trees in bud.

I decided to do a little picture tour of our end of the island. Here's the gas station and auto repair shop. They still have a hose that dings when you drive over it. I can hear the hose ding from my home office when the windows are open:

There was only a half-day of school today, so these punks were hanging out on the street in front of the bakery:

I stepped inside the bakery to take this photo of locals having coffee. One guy wanted to know what in the hell I was taking their picture for. I told him, just for fun, but he didn't seem amused:

Here are photos of the hardware store and the B&B about a block from our house:

"It looks so charming and quaint," you say? You wonder why I'd be anxious to leave? Well... living on the island of Grosse Ile means: a long damn drive to get anywhere, no culture, not a soul I relate to, lots of spiders, and ugly industrial neighborhoods into which the island's bridges lead.

On the other hand I'll miss the deer,the birds,the sounds of freighters going by, and the sense of being completely safe and secure.

Here's a video I shot from the end of the road today. The view is of the Detroit River looking east toward Canada.


willow said...

Those skies are the bluest of blue! And the gas station is just too charming. But I know what you mean about being too far from culture and most of all people.

Reya Mellicker said...

Warm in quotes. Hmmm...wonder what that means? I guess everything is relative.

Hermit on the Hill said...

It does look VERY quaint and charming — but much more developed than I'd been imagining.

What a great spot right there on the river! Almost like being at The Lake.

Have you seen any of the ghosts yet?

Hilarywho said...

What ghosts??

And anyway, I don't believe in ghosts.

Also: not anything near like being at the lake. Not even close.