Thursday, October 8, 2009

New couch!

Okay, so you know your blog is boring when the only thing you manage to write about all week is a new piece of furniture. But this was a pretty big deal in our household. Especially since we didn't even look around. It probably took less than an hour to settle on this couch - for which I promptly had second thoughts. I never would have guessed we'd buy a red couch!

So, what-a-ya think?

I'm not too fond of the big pillows with the dots, and the couch is not really wide enough to snooze on comfortably, but otherwise I think it was an okay choice. I'm just so glad to finally have a decent piece of furniture in this room. Now if only we could find some fabulous piece of artwork for the wall.

1 comment:

willow said...

Hey, niiiice!! Very classy choice. I love red and almost bought a red couch, myself last year.