Sunday, January 3, 2010


BB and I got this fancy new Scrabble board for Christmas. I thought I might miss our old traditional board with it's brown wood tiles and wood tile racks, but I've quickly become fond of the way this new board swivels so smoothly and how snuggly the tiles fit in their spaces.

This is a photo of our first game on the new board. We've been on quite a Scrabble kick since the new year, and we've had some especially challenging, competitive games.

BB has been reading a book about the world of Scrabble tournaments, studying the official Scrabble dictionary, and browsing Scrabble sites online. As a result she's been kicking my butt.

During our last game she used the word haji, even though she didn't know what it meant. Which I don't think is fair. She's also learned that Ka, Xu, and Hm are acceptable! Who knew that?!

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