Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The view from my window

The view from my window is not too inspiring, and I'm not feeling too inspired these days either. Which probably has something to do with it being the middle of winter.

It's too cold to go out and shoot photos, and writing just seems like a chore.

Here's my desk. As you can see I have a nice cup of hot tea and I'm about to play another game of spider solitaire.

My most recent accomplishment was organizing all my "to do" lists.

I listed each category of "to do" in order of importance on brightly colored sticky sheets and displayed them prominently next to my desk.

There is even a list (the purple one) for "blog ideas."

Making "to do" lists always gives me a feeling of calm - a feeling that things are under control. Lists make the things I need to do seem manageable. Doable. Not to mention that making lists is a great thing to do instead of actually doing the things you're making lists of.

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Hermit on the Hill said...

It is an uninspiring time here in Michigan. Weeping has become my new activity, and I'm not sure what the emotion is (or isn't) that has "inspired" it. It just happens. No particular thought or feeling, just tears running down my cheeks.