Monday, March 22, 2010

Get over it!

Since I began this blog I have pretty much avoided writing about controversial issues. I have expressed my views about some things, like sperm donation, clocks, and pomegranates, but I’ve avoided the topics that could really get me going. I try and not even think about certain topics because they tend to get me so worked up (and who needs that?) but...

There are a few things that have come to my attention lately that I just have to say something about. The first concerns a school in Mississippi that canceled its prom rather than let a lesbian student, Constance McMillen, and her girlfriend attend together.

Another is a recently proposed law in Florida that would disqualify movie productions from tax incentives if their movies have gay or lesbian characters. Seriously.

There’s been a lot of debate in recent years about gay rights and gay marriage, but how much progress can be made in a world where homosexuality is still so feared? We who live in more progressive communities tend to forget how backward so much of the planet is.

A lot of work still needs to be done on the basic issue of accepting gays and lesbians as simply a part of the natural order of things. And here’s what I have to say about that:

Dear world:
Some people are gay.
Get over it.


Blog Princess G said...

Hear hear! I started writing a great, long comment, and got so worked up. Here's my short version: How anyone can have issue with someone loving someone, or dating someone, or sleeping with someone, oh - and they happen to be the same sex - is so incredibly strange to me. Who cares? Stay out of people's bedrooms and their dating lives. It's no-one's damn business to begin with. Keep reaching for your rainbows, boys and girls!

maggie's garden said...

I think the blog princess G said it perfectly!!