Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sons & Mothers

Well, here it is: another disappointing Mother's Day. Although that's not completely true, I'm not really disappointed, that would imply I'd been expecting something that didn't happen or didn't live up to my expectations. Maybe I should just say it's another underwhelming Mother's day. Just a Sunday afternoon, like any other, except for the brief phone call from my sons. One call, shared by both of them, while they were on their way to some other mother's home for a holiday meal.

I'd be sad about this if it weren't so par for the course. This is what you get when you have sons and no daughters I tell myself. A daughter would do better I'm sure. She'd send a card. Or maybe even flowers. It's not that my sons don't love and appreciate me, it's just that they're guys. And that they live across the state. And that, of-course, if we lived in the same city they would be here, no doubt, to kiss my cheek and wish me a happy day. Right?

In honor of Mother's Day, here are mine:

My mother, Ann

My mom, Marie


La Casona Rosa said...

How disappointing. What about your daughter in law? What's her excuse other than recently having given birth? lol

I told Marcos yesterday that I hoped he would always remember to treat his momma extra special on Mother's Day, perhaps by giving her gifts and taking her out to eat. He said yes, he would be buying me Transformer toys. That was about as sweet as a 3-year-old boy can get. I just hope he remembers that conversation 20 years from now :)

willow said...

My daughter had to call her brothers from New York to remind them of Mother's Day. What is it with sons?

Beautiful photos of you and your mother!

maggie's garden said...

Sorry to hear about your disappointing day. I think you're right about the boys though. I have one son that remembers and the other...well let's just say he tries in his own way.
Happy Mother's day to you...and hoping next year will be a better turn out.

GG said...
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