Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ktdesign of Wellington where are you?

I was thrilled to get a comment yesterday from someone who says my grandmother, Mary Dreaper, was their aunt. This would mean this person was my mother's cousin - quite exciting for me since I know so little about my family.

This person, who lives in New Zealand, found my recent post about my grandmother while looking for ancestors online. How intriguing. BUT...

Although this person invited me to contact him/her, they did not leave any contact information and I can't find any contact information on their blog (which only has one old post) or Google.

SO: ktdesign of Wellington, please contact me! I'd love to chat & trade stories and photos.

This picture was taken at the Lyceum Dance Hall in The Strand, London, England, on May 29, 1947. That's my mother, Ann, age 16, on the left; her sister Margaret, 17; and their eldest brother, John, in his British Navy Uniform.


GG said...

Beautiful. Love your Mom's plaid shirtwaist dress. So sweet the way her sister holds her arm. They all look so adorably happy. So how did you and yours end up in Michigan???

Hilarywho said...

Thanks "GG" It's a long story - in fact, I wrote a book about it!

My mother and her sister were killed in a car crash when I was an infant. Their brother died in an accident in Texas in 1988.