Sunday, July 4, 2010

Miles of Aisles

We went to see Eric Clapton, and opening act Roger Daltrey (of the Who), in concert last night at the Detroit area venue now known as the "DTE Energy Theater," but which will always be PINE KNOB to me.

Pine Knob is an outdoor amphitheater and has presented popular musical performers since the early 70s. I hadn't been there in nearly 10 years, and had never seen Eric Clapton in concert, so it was a  treat.

It's nice to know these guys in their 60s can still rock and roll. Though it was somewhat disconcerting to witness a sea of AARP card holders pumping their fists in the air to a performance of the Who's Teenage Wasteland.

This afternoon I Googled "Pine Knob" and was surprised and delighted to learn it is pictured on the cover of Joni Mitchell's live album, Miles of Aisles. I'm a huge fan of Joni and have looked at that album cover countless times. Since the album was recorded in LA, I'd always assumed it was a photo of an LA venue. How interesting to learn that it's Detroit's Pine Knob - makes that album all the more special.

Clapton & Miles of Aisles photos from Google images

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