Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Station Agent

It was a gorgeous day, 55 degrees, and I finally got to spend some time outside with my camera. I shot 140 pictures of one of my favorite subjects: rusty, graffiti covered trains.

And then this evening we watched The Station Agent, a wonderful movie that won at Sundance in 2003. I don't know how I manged to miss this treat of a film till now. It's original, funny, and filled with great characters. I highly recommend it. (Though it was somewhat of an odd little coincidence to watch a film with so many trains in it after spending my day with trains!)

 You can tell it's Spring Downriver because the bait shops are open, the ducks are paddling around on melted ice-rinks, and classic cars and bikers are on the roads.


Muppet Soul said...

Great pic!


We have some amazing graffiti murals here in Los Angeles... Then some of them got, well, graffitied over...

Barb Black said...

I love your pics, Hilary!

I caught The Station Agent a few years ago and thought it was wonderful too... great work on Peter Dinklege's part! When you get a chance, find a copy of Around the Bend - lovely movie.


Hermit on the Hill said...

I LOVED the Station Agent! What a fitting end to a day filled with trains!