Thursday, March 12, 2009

Long lost objects

I was looking at some old photos a few weeks ago and was especially interested in noticing the many objects that appear in them by chance - things like lamps, clocks, cars, phones, furniture, etc... It's interesting to see these things that seemed so commonplace at the time, but now are so nostalgic.

There are a couple of my childhood pictures that include my old toys. I had tons of toys as a kid, but all that survived are a baton, a sled, and a rocketship bank.

This got me thinking about things I wish I could see once more, and the first things that came to my mind were: My mom's big brown tea mug; my record player and my collection of 45s; my pink Schwinn bicycle; and my turquoise transistor radio.

It occurred to me that it would be interesting to ask people what two items from their childhood or youth they'd like to see again and why. I asked BB and this is what she said: "My metal pedal car, because I loved it and because they don't make them anymore." And, "My bellbottom jeans with the peace symbol I sewed on in 6th grade."

What old objects would you like to see again?


Barb Black said...

In the words of John Mayer, "Whatever happened to my lunchbox?" I'd love to see that again... and the big pink stuffed dog that my dad brought me from somewhere.

Really enjoying reading your blog. I'm an old school friend of BB's (I'm also a BB!), and just found her on facebook.

Take care,

Hermit on the Hill said...

Funny! I've been thinking about the long lost meteorite I had when I was about 7 or 8. It was perfectly round, with dimples all over it — and VERY heavy. I loved that thing and think about it from time to time. I can't remember where I found it. I was a rock hound as a kid and had a whole drawer full of 'em, but that was my favorite! (It would probably be worth some money too.)

Sally Belle said...

I want my sister's 45 record player. I never got one of my own...but, coveted hers! And the records, of course!

I don't really think about objects , as much as I wish I could go home. My room. I want to sleep in my old room.