Monday, May 11, 2009

Star Trek

So, we went to see Star Trek, and it was pretty good. Even though the action blockbuster genre doesn't usually appeal to me, I have to say it was fun to see the well-known Star Trek characters as their younger selves, meeting each other for the first time.

The movie had a lot of humor, and the development of the relationship between Kirk and Spock was interesting, but it was mostly a movie about fighting. From bar brawls to battling space ships there was plenty of action, including a hideous monster chasing Kirk on an ice planet, and hand to hand combat on a giant drill that is creating a black hole.

The plot involves time travel and an alternative reality that left me a tad confused - in the end the alternative reality seems to be the actual reality and old Spock is left living in the past. But most importantly, of-course, is that good prevails over evil.

I understand that plenty of people enjoy the kind of action that this Star Trek movie has, but I'm not one of them. During scenes of battles or fighting or chasing I tend to get bored. These kind of scenes do not engage me. My mind wanders. I become aware that I'm sitting in a theater watching a movie. I am definitly not an action movie fan, but for a movie with a lot of action this one isn't too bad.

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