Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Favorite Photo: my Mom, 1962

I took this picture of my mom in the summer of 1962. It was taken at my uncle's house in California. We had traveled there from Michigan in a station wagon, a summer vacation trip and major event of my childhood.

My mom has just awakened from a nap in this picture. She'd been sleeping on the couch and hasn't yet lit her first post-nap cigarette. I vaguely remember taking this picture and like it because my mom is so relaxed, and also because I think it shows her slight resemblance to Susan Sarandon. (or am I the only one who sees this?)
I was very excited to be in California, but got sick on my first ride at Disneyland - the Tea Cups. It was the first time I saw the ocean, and I distinctly remember hearing a news report on the car radio during this trip that Marilyn Monroe had died.

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