Monday, August 24, 2009

Radio rant

Not long ago I mentioned in this blog how great it was that there are so many good radio stations here in the Detroit area. This was significant to me since I listen to the radio a lot, mostly NPR, but jazz and classical stations too.

But for some odd reason our radios don't work very well in our new house. We get a lot of static and can't tune in NPR at all! I get it fine in the car, so I know I'm within the listening area, but in the house there's too much interference.

I think this phenomena might have something to do with the many giant TV and radio towers near our new home, but who knows? I'm especially annoyed that the point on the dial where I should get NPR, I now get a sports talk station - loud and clear. Blagh!

This is a huge loss in my life and I hardly know what to do with myself. There is a void now where I used to feel connected, informed, entertained, and a part of something important.

I'm especially lost in the kitchen, where I find it almost impossible to function without a radio.

And what really bugs me about this is that I can't fix the problem by going out and buying a better radio - because they don't exist. It's all about ipod docks now.

I remember when radios used to have a button you could press after tuning in your station. This would keep your radio tuned exactly where you wanted it without static from nearby stations. But, alas, they don't make radios with this feature anymore. Just ask a sales-kid in Best Buy about it and see what kind of look you get.

I'm in grief about the loss of my NPR, but I think I'm still in the denial phase. I keep trying to tune it in. Maybe it will work today, I'll think. Or maybe it will work if I put the radio over here, or here, or if I hook up the antenna and hold it with both hands crossed above my head... It's a sad, sad thing.


Rooster said...

Get an iPod and docking station. You can find NPR streaming online and have it live again, online.

Hilarywho said...

I have an ipod. I have a docking station. I have a computer. But none of those things are in my kitchen or can replace my kitchen radio. The grief continues.

G'G'ma said...

Jerry would have a fit if he couldn't get his WGN!! We can't have the hanging light in the family room on while the radios in the kitchen and one bedroom are on. Go figure. Hope you get your problem solved.