Monday, October 26, 2009

Grocery Shopping

One of the great things about our new neighborhood is that we're close to so many grocery stores. Where previously we only had three or four stores to choose from, here we have at least ten, and some of them are above average.

The Holiday Market in Royal Oak is a huge gourmet market. In addition to fabulous foods it's the kind of place that has copies of The New Yorker and Archetectual Digest in the check out racks instead of People and Us. VERY nice.

There's also a Trader Joes, a Whole Foods, and my favorite: Westborn Market. Westborn has the best produce imaginable, and many wonderful , tasty delights. I love it, but only shop there for some special things once in a while.

For most of my groceries I usually end up going to Farm Fresh in Oak Park This store is nearest to our house and features kosher foods, although 60 percent of the people who shop there are black. It has wonderful baked goods, still takes checks, and gives out savings stamps.

So with all these grocery options, including the ubiquitous Meijers and Krogers, I was surprised to find myself feeling glad to have discovered the Hollywood Market on the north side of Royal Oak a few days ago.
This is the kind of place where you'd certainly find someone buying a loaf of white bread and a Hungryman frozen dinner.

There is no goat cheese. No organic black currant jam. But I felt something like relief while pushing my cart with a bad wheel up a narrow aisle. It felt comfortable and familiar. Althought I'd hate this store if it was my only choice, as one of many I'm glad to know it's there.


G'G'ma said...

I envy you with all those choices. Trader Joe's is a must stop when we are in Phoenix.

willow said...

We've got Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, but they're really not on my regular beaten path.

The New Yorker and Archetectual Digest in the check out racks? Now that IS high brow, but kinda cool.

Fun, unique post, Hilary!