Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Favorite Photo: Happy accident

I took this photo of my friend, Tamara, in New York City in March of 2001. It was Tamara's fist time in the city. She was sent to New York for a meeting and I went along to keep her company.

This photo was taken with my old 35mm film camera. I lifted the camera up to my eye and shot quick as Tamara walked toward me. My idea was to get a good candid shot of her. But I worked so quickly that some of the photo is blurred by the camera movement, and it's also slightly tilted.

If I shot this today with a digital camera I'd probably delete it immediately in the camera. And I remember being disappointed with this photo when I got it back from the developer. But then it grew on me, and has turned into one of my favorite photos.

I like the blur and the crookedness. It seems to say something about the pace of the city, as well as something about Tamara - a bit overwhelmed by it all.

1 comment:

willow said...

Oh, I agree! It is definitely one of those marvelous happy accidents. A super shot.