Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Favorite Photo: Junior prom

This photo was taken in May 1998 on the day of my sons' Junior prom. (Twelve years ago!) I think it's a nice photo of the three of us, a rare thing to have captured during those busy, complicated years, and definitely one of my favorites.

That's Justin in the shades. And me with poofy dyed hair. I thought I was getting old then, but damn, I was in my prime.


willow said...

Glowing mom and handsome sons! Thanks for the smiles, Hilary.

maggie's garden said...

Handsome guys you have there! About or around the same age of mine I suppose...28 and 29?
Loved that style hair you have in this pic...I'm waiting for that to come around again except I'm afraid my top has thinned a bit too much to wear this again.

Hilarywho said...

Thanks maggie. They're twins. 29 years old - though I can hardly believe that!